I consider this a moving drawing--not an animation in the standard sense. It does not have a narrative--it does not have sound--it does not always move. The duration is 2 minutes, and in a gallery setting, it loops so that it has no beginning or end.

This work is a portrait of the Krizen family of Sarasota, Florida. Ken and Nancy Krizen have adopted or fostered more than 45 children in addition to raising their own two sons. In 2010 when when I visited to do research for this project, there were 12 children living in the Krizen household, and each of them are represented in the drawing, along with Nancy and Ken.  I tried to create the sense of much coming and going----times of quiet and times of activity. Nancy and Ken don't move much in the video on purpose--I see them as the family "bookends"--they "hold" the space so that these children can feel safe .

72 separate watercolor drawings on paper composed using with Photoshop and After Effects.