I use watercolor on paper to create drawings of contemporary American life that sit between comic tragedy and cautionary tale.  Using an approach influenced by Victorian children's book illustrations, I depict current events using a mixture of realistic and fantastical elements. The intended content of my work relates to several basic tenants of Buddhist philosophy, specifically the interdependence of cause and effect (karma), and the suffering we cause ourselves by rejecting the truth, and the sublimity, of impermanence. In the final analysis, our desire to keep things steady and pleasant results in a confounding mixture of horror, humor, fragility, beauty, and disaster.


“Russo’s watercolors are uncomfortably non-utopian and too real to be surreal. Her paintings reflect the qualities of the times in which we live in a world where daily events can be cartoonish, appalling, sublime and entertainingly odd.”
~ Leanne Haase Goebel, Independent art writer

“Russo's watercolor and graphite paintings represent…movement thwarted and potential derailed. Her work evokes a confluence of groundbreaking artists including Elizabeth Peyton, Peter Doig, and Neo Rausch.”
~ Cyndi Conn, Independent curator